Edmit for Institutions | Drive Engagement and Yield with Personalized Admissions Offers

Provide a personalized admissions offer for the most committed students in your pipeline. 



Reach new audiences, year-round.  

Edmit is used by students nationwide, many of whom don't know about your institution (yet!). And it works year-round - for early commits, summer melt correction, and everything in between.

Fight sticker shock.  

Develop your value proposition around affordability. Our tool helps students see that the path to your institution does not require paying list price - expanding your applicant pool.

The optimal price, at the point of decision.

Edmit displays dynamic and personalized pricing to students, so your yield can be managed in real time. Leave no deposits on the table.

 40% of students who turn down their first-choice college do so for cost-related reasons, according to data from Royall & Co

Edmit helps students better understand their options at the point of decision - when it directly impacts your yield.

We work with institutions to set targets and parameters around enrollment and aid, removing the administrative cost of managing your discount rate and financial aid appeals. Edmit can even take a deposit on your behalf to secure a commitment from admitted students.

Edmit was founded by innovative university leaders passionate about student success: Nick Ducoff and Sabrina Manville

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